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Konmay London

Handmade Singing Bowl

Handmade Singing Bowl

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We individually handpick our Singing Bowl. We collaborate with various singing bowl manufacturers in Nepal to have many design collections and to assure the customers get the best quality.

Every single singing bowl is masterpiece. Depending on how they are played each singing bowl will make multiple notes and frequencies and long lasting overtones.

Design -
Medicine Buddha

Check the sound note -

The size and weight makes it perfect for users to carry it anywhere when they travel and get healing benefits from singing bowl sound and vibration.

Includes –
Wooden ringing stick (Note: wood grains and wooden stick natural colour varies from the picture shown)
Yellow Cushion

Measurement –

Diameter – 10cm approximate

Height – 5cm approximate

Weight – 211gram approximate

Sound note = C

Chakra = Root

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