Collection: Personalized Initial Handknitted Nettle Fibre Scarf

Giant Stinging Nettle has a strong and natural fibre. The nettles used to make this scarf are grown 100% organically, with the rich soils in the Himalayan valleys supplying the plant with all the nutrients it needs.

One year old shoots from the plant are cut and dried. The bark is peeled, rotten 5-7 days and cooked in the water containing wood ash for two to three hours. The boiled bark is stonewashed to extract the fibre, then mixed with crushed limestone to make it a little greasy and easier to handle. The fibre is hand spun preserving the ancient crafts skills.

These delicate hand-knitted scarves are highly decorative, stretchy, detailed and light to touch, ideal for spring and summer. The scarves are not only attractive to look at, but are also very environmentally friendly.